Virtual Makeup Class

During this coronavirus pandemic, makeup classes are unable to happen face to face but you can still learn how to do your own makeup, improve your makeup skills & improve your skincare routine - all from the comfort of your home. This class is for anyone as it is tailored to the specific individual's needs.

Fee: £80

Duration: 2 Hours

Book your session today by filling out the form and stating what you would like to focus on during your session.

Here's what some people have to say about the virtual sessions  . . .

Karen, Essex.

"I absolutely every second of the class and the way you explained each technique was on point throughout. I thought I was hopeless with makeup, but you showed me otherwise. Definitely money well spent (worth every penny)! Thank you so much for rebuilding my confidence in makeup."

Shan, Houston TX.

"I learnt so much from this class and couldn't stop taking notes. The eyebrow trick you showed me was unbelievable, who would have thought? Learning how to get that natural finish without looking too caked was all I wanted and you certainly taught me how."

Eni, London.

"Loved everything about my session from how patient you were with me, to the very clear instructions,  to the banter. I also like the fact that you weren't half hearted with your demonstrations, everything was thorough to the T. Thank you so much Imelda, my confidence level in doing my own makeup has surely elevated."

Esther, London.

"I had the most amazing time in this class! It started promptly & was very natural in the flow. Imelda was very attentive to my questions and no question was too silly. Everything I already knew about makeup was enhanced because of the tips, tricks & game changing techniques given. I would recommend this class to beginners or semi-experts. "

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